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Podere dei Folli: BIO organic extra virgin olive oil obtained exclusively from olives cultivated in Italy.

Podere dei Folli is a place where a BIO organic extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality is born. Every phase of the production, from the olives harvest, to the milling, until the bottling, exclusively Made in Valtenesi (Italy) A genuine product, endowed with a soft and decise taste, able to season and exalt the taste of your recipes, an extra virgin olive oil obtained only through mechanical processes. Thanks to a light fruity aroma, with perfumes of fresh leaf, that pair epithet the typical almond and artichoke taste, with a final light bitter note and a hot one perceivable only in the throat.

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Agricultural Company Adamo: Welcome back new 2017 EVO Oil

From today it is available the new organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Adamo 2017. The cold extraction method gives the Adamo organic Extra Virgin Olive oil excellent organoleptic properties. Colour, taste and easy digestibility for all you recipes. Funded in 1913, the Adamo company produces all its product following the rules of the organic agriculture.

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Agricultural Company Mancini: working as a diligent farmer.

Only certified seeds and the varieties which respond better to the quality requests and adapt to the climatic conditions, guaranteeing an economically sustainable production. The seeding takes place during the most suitable period using the right quantity of seeds for each variety depending on the conditions of every single plot of land, using the adequate tools for each situation. The Agricultural Company Mancini, from the spike to the table, guarantees the traceability and the absence of chemical remains certified by constant lab analysis. The artisanal processing then exalts the raw material characteristics. Each variety cultivated by Mancini has its character, history and diverges in size, colour, gluten tenor, protein content and productive potential. Everyone has its weaknesses and strengths.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP BIOLOGIC Garda Bresciano - Podere dei Folli

This EVO Oil is produced in Italy from lies cultivated in Italy. A superior category extra virgin olive oil directly obtained from olives through mechanical methods. Every production phase of this oil from the olives harvest, to the milling up to the bottling, everything is exclusively made within the geographic borders of the ValtŔnesi. The result of these processes is an extra virgin olive oil which shows a lightly fruity aroma with green perfumes of fresh herbs and leaves which mix together with the characteristic aromas of sweet almonds and artichokes. You can perceive its delicateness in your mouth; in a sweet almond flavour you can sense a light bitter shades and a bit hot one only perceivable in the throat. Important benefits of extra virgin olive oil: Digestive Apparatus: extra virgin olive oil improves the functionality of this apparatus because of the positive effects on the gastritis and pancreatic functionalities. Endocrine System: the Mediterranean diet, rich in evo oil, has been demonstrated to have an important preventive action on the diabetes control. Skeletal Apparatus: extra virgin olive oil facilitates the absorption of calcium and the mineralization, this is one of the reasons form which it is recommended during the childhood diet. Tumors: extra virgin olive oil has a protective effect against some tumors (breast, prostate, colon, endometrium) thanks to the high concentration of fat acids resistant to the oxidation and the presence of composites endowed with antioxidant activity. Ageing: it prevents the cellular ageing thanks to its protective action on the cellular membrane. Moreover its positive influence on the cognitive perception on the elderly (cerebral ageing) has been demonstrated.

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Adamo biologic extra virgin olive oil is born among the green Alcamo hills.

The cold extraction method makes Adamo extra virgin olive oil a biologic product endowed with excellent organoleptic properties. Colour, taste and optimal digestibility for avery recipe. Unique characteristics are determined by particular cautions used during the pick up and milling. The olives are hand picked when they're still not mature at all: an excellent product with a fruity taste and low acidity, milling with granite millstones, cold temperature extraction. The cold temperature extraction method makes the Adamo extra virgin olive oil a biologic product endowed with excellent organoleptic properties. Colour, taste and optimal digestibility. Funded in 1913, Adamo company produces its products following the biological agriculture rules.

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do you sell this oil in 5liter cans and how much does it cost
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User: ( 05/02/2018)

How much is a bottle of Sofia extra virgin olive oil. Also, what is the cost to ship to the United States. We would like to order at least a case of this olive oil. Thank you!
Paul and Karen Costa.
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User: ( 12/11/2017)
Category/Topic Sofia DOP, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Monte Etna - Oleificio Francesco Costa Gaetano

Is it not possible to buy the new pressing Adamo Oliv Oil - I am waiting to order.
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User: Niels Mygind ( 27/02/2017)
Category/Topic Organic extra virgin olive oil - Adamo


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